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Research Paper: The Industrial Revolution
Throughout history human civilization has experienced many important events such as wars and crisis, but definitely the most important has been theIndustrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was a period of time between the late 18th century and the 19th century where major changes in agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, life style andpopulation growth occurred. It is called a “revolution” because the changes it caused were great and unexpected. These changes had a huge effect on the social, economic and cultural conditions starting inGreat Britain, and then eventually spreading throughout Europe, North America and the world. In the other hand, this period of time generally improved life, but the Industrial Revolution was alsoharmful in some ways. Around the idea of the Industrial Revolution appear many questions that people make such as: How would the world be without the Industrial Revolution? Or if the IndustrialRevolution had a positive or negative effect on the world? But for sure we know one thing; that this revolution lead to the modern world that we know today in many ways.
The Industrial Revolution began inGreat Britain for many reasons. In 1780s Great Britain`s food supply had a tremendous increase in the expansion of farmlands, growing crops and agriculture. Wealthy landowners bought land and enclosetheir land allowing them to cultivate larger field this action is called enclosures. With this movement England found more places to grow crops and they grew crops such as potatoes. Potato promotedeconomic development all over England and England imported potato in all Europe. Also another factor that lead to the good agriculture Great Britain had was the weather. England had a period of greatweather for the agriculture, not too cold and with some rain. Another reason was the transportation. In 1804 most England was communicated by railroads and the train traveled at 8 km/hr which was a...
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