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  • Publicado : 26 de febrero de 2012
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Nestor: Paola first of all a pleasant greeting for you and your viewers, the Lake Michigan study was carried out with three phases:

the first sampling was carried out in differentareas of the lake in a period of seven months, to be exact in late April to early October, where the traps were placed at different points, with In order to obtain more accurateresults on the source of contamination of the lake.

 The second phase consists, to bring these samples to our laboratory for the respective crops in different culture media forbacteriological and measure the pH, temperature, pressure, dissolved oxygen, nitrites and nitrates among other factors for Physico-chemical analysis, to which to calculate these values ​​weproceeded to dilute the sample obtained with distilled water to achieve isolated colonies have c. perfringens.

 To conclude the final phase was the counting of colonies present inthe culture media tested for the presence of these bacteria in large numbers in areas close to South Gap, while the lowest values ​​were in the Milwaukee harbor, it is noteworthyThese values ​​were multiplied by the different values ​​of the dilutions were performed on samples since the results obtained were of the dilutions and the river itself.

Nestor: Ifwe know Clostridium perfringens is an indicator of fecal contamination thus preventing these diseases by taking the necessary hygiene measures such as washing food boil water to washhands before eating. As they say follow the hygiene guidelines.

Nestor. For if, as Einstein said information medium is a highly effective teaching that leaves large and importantfor humanity that serves as a point of interest to scientists who sometimes because of these programs provide help to solve some problems that arise in the development of scientific
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