Ingeniero en telecomunicacion

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Case #1

Mr. John Smith is calling because he purchased $200.00 dollars in eBook store gift cards in a Borders stores while he is visiting the US fora business travel. His intention is to use the gift cards while he’s in the US so he can buy some eBooks that couldn’t be purchased when he is at homesince his residence is in Canada.

Due to the fact that the books are US only, the customer called the support department before purchasing the giftcards to confirm if that would work; a 15 days tenure agent took the call. The representative confirmed and explained to Mr. Smith that it will work with noproblems.

Now Mr. Smith is calling again and asking to speak with a supervisor since gift cards have been redeemed in his eBook store account and isnot able to purchase the books. He’s getting message that books can not be purchased because those are US only.
Mr. Smith final request is to ask for arefund since he was told by previous agent that he could get the books with no problems.
How would you handle this situation with Mr. Smith being upsetfor receiving wrong information?
What will be an added value that you can offer to Mr. Smith to retain him as a loyal Sony customer?

Question #1For the Reader advance exchange process, what are terms and conditions so the costumer applies to receive a brand new unit?

Question #2

If a customeris locate in another country and he wants to request services for his Sony reader, does the advances exchange process applies for this situation?
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