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  • Publicado : 21 de marzo de 2011
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Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad.

From my point of view, spending a year studying in another country can be an exciting adventure and a great experience, or in the other hand, itcan be an awful experience.
In my case, I haven’t had the opportunity yet to take a Gap year in another country, but I think that it can be a very exciting experience, mainly because you get to knowother cultures, new ways of living, and get to know different people from different countries. When you live in another country, you are “forced” to adapt to their language, mainly because you need todo your daily life, like for example going to the supermarket, shopping, go to the cinema etc… which makes you learn and make a big effort in speaking the foreign language, so your level of languagecan improve quickly.

On the other hand, as I said previously, studying abroad can be a nightmare mainly because if you decide to go to a city in which it’s difficult to adapt, maybe the people arenot as friendly as you expected at the beginning, or maybe because you miss your family and friends as well as your previous way of life. In this case, before going abroad, you should consider if youcan afford to face these risks. As I sad, I haven’t experienced this yet, but a friend of mine did, and told me that he didn’t have a good time, specially because he went to a city in which there was alot of violence, riots, and he was very feared that someone could hurt him; this city was Caracas. But as you can see, I’ve had the opportunity to talk with many people which have taken a gap year,especially in Europe (in the Erasmus programme), and had a very nice time.

If I could spend a gap year studying abroad, undoubtedly I would chose London, mainly because it’s a very cosmopolitan city,it has a big mixture of cultures so I could have the opportunity to know people from many countries, and specially because London has one of the best Business and Economics universities in the...