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Many people see Hollywood as a place of dreams especially for actors and actresses, but few of them have risked everything to make real his dream of becoming movie stars. Ashton Kutcher and Brad Pittare an example of those who have left everything to become stars.

Hollywood is a district of Los Angeles, also known as the center of the global film industry. Before Hollywood exist as adistrict, in the same place, one woman had a ranch and she called it Hollywood, after the ranch began to grow and now is the most famous landmark of cinema in the golden age. The big film companies movedthere and now the most internationally celebrities actors live in Los Angeles.

Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Columbia Pictures and Metro Goldwyn Mayer were the most important companies in Hollywoodduring the golden age.

In 1920 Hollywood was already world famous for his film industry, thanks to all the studies that were founded after 1911 the foundation of the first study. The reason whymany studies have moved to California was by the Sun, which offered a lot of light needed to record movies, but the studies were also running away of Edison monopoly who was absorbing the littlecompanies. Hollywood's first film was made in 1914 and was called "The Squaw Man." In 1915 most American films were being produced in the area of Los Angeles.

In 2000 the district's population didn’texceeds 125,000 persons.

The Hollywood Sign is a famous giant sign on Mount Lee. This sign is made of enormous letters of 13 meters high, and all together do the word Hollywood.

The Walk of Fame inHollywood, is one of the most visited places in the city. On the sidewalks of the street, the stars are on the floor. Inside of the star is the name of the musician, actor or radio performer. It wascreated in 1958 as a tribute to the artists and other important partners in the entertainment industry.

The Academy Awards, better known as The Oscars are the film awards given annually each...