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I was bed I was not/wasn`t Was I ?
You ware You were not/weren`t Were you?
He was He was not/wasn`t Was he?
She was She was not/wasn`t Was she?
It was It wasnot/wasn`t Was it?
We were We were not/weren`t Were we?
You were You were not/weren’t Were you?
They were They were not/ weren`t Were they?

Elabora 10 ejemplos de oraciones afirmativas utilizandowas y were
1.-I was begining a draw
2.-you were broke the pencil
3.-he was foud the Money
4.-i was born in the mexico city
5.-she was drove to cancun
6.-it was at the house
7.-we were at 9pm8.-they were playing soccer
9.-you were hurt at work
10.-she was say the tv
Elabora 10 ejemplos de oraciones negativas utilizando was y were
1.-I wasn`t begining a draw
2.-you weren`t hurt a work3.-he wasn`t drove to cancun
4.-they were not playing soccer
5.-he wasn`t found money
6.-we weren`t at 9pm
7.-you weren`t broke the pencil
8.-it wasn`t at the house
9.-she wasn`t say the tv10.-they weren`t the shaken
Elaborar 10 ejemplos de oraciones interrogativas utilizando was y were
1.-did i speak?
2.-did she forgot?
3.-did he sold a card?
4.-did she read a book?
5.-was it thecar blue?
6.-are we run to the house?
7.-are you studing english?
8.-are they making a work?
9.-did he know the questions?
10.-did she lost the Money?

Elabore 10 oraciones afirmativasutilizando el existencial “there was” y cámbialas a negativas e interrogativas.
1.- (+) there was a car in the street
(-) there wasn’t a car in the street
Was a car in the street?

2.- (+) there was abig house
(-) there wasn’t a big house
Was a big house?

3.- (+) there was a few birds in the fountain
(-) there wasn’t a few birds in the fountain
Was a few birds in the fountain?

4.- (+)there was a cat on the wall
(-) there wasn’t a cat on the wall
Was a cat eat the wall?

5.- (+) there was buying a sofa
(-) there wasn’t buying a sofa
Was buying a sofa?

6.- (+) there was a...