Ingles semana 7

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Part I
Read the following text and identify relevant details.Summarize its main ideas in half of a page. Include specific data that the author gives you concerning endangered animals. Make sure to write the summary in your own words.

Part II
Make aprediction of how life will be like in our planet if we do not start reusing, reducing and recycling. Describe it in one page.

Part III
Use modal verbs to fill in the blanks.
|1 |You ________drink plenty of water. |
|2 |The dog seems to be nice and obedient. We _________ take it home. |
|3|Come closer so I _______ see you better. |
|4 |Take your jacket. It _________ get colder.|
|5 |It’s 8:00 pm. He _________ be home by now. |
|6 |It’s getting warm. It _________ not rain.|
|7 |I __________ run very fast when I was young. |
|8 |Think about ways in which you _______ help the planet.|
|9 |If you drive a car, you _________ carry your license. |
|10 |I ________ visit her. I haven’t decided....
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