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Irene Sandoval

Ramirez Mrines Karen Pamela

* I may try and get work here
* We may never see your fatheragain
* You may smoke outside the restaurant
* Her father says she may not go to the antrum
* May all your dreams come true
* I might finish tomorrow my working
* My mommight go to Zacatecas tomorrow for the afternoon.
* Do not go out travel It might be very raining
* Tomorrow is our birthday might give us a surprise
* I might be resting tomorrow but Ihave to go to work
* I should study more to pass my English exam
* You should drive carefully, you could have an accident
* That should be prohibited it is very Danger
*Should she stay in bed?
* if that is very ill
* Should I be with you?
* If that I love so much

* I can drive your Ferrari
* Maybe you can be my boyfriend but can notmanipulate
* Can she go out tonight?
* not punished
* Can they stay with us?
* Not are much
* I can not read without my glasses
* Alejandro could take your breast that iscovered
* They couldn't run so fast
* Naomi could go to the bathroom that is too small
* This could be a good idea
* I could be with you

* If you had not gone to thisevent would not be too tired
* If your embers with me my life would be boring
* Would you come to the party?
* if I had enough money I would go on a trip to maiami
* if she were anartist everyone would see his novel

* An athlete must train hard
* He must follow a diet
* He must follow a diet that very fat
* Everybody must pay taxes
* They must get upearly
* soon you will understand what I say
* They will not live in this house is mine
* Will us visit the Eiffel Tower?
* They are my family Will they stay with us?
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