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The programme takes place in San Francisco. Humberto lives with Seb. Amy shares a flat with Tanya. Cathy is going out with Andrew. Amy is Humberto girlfriend.


In this episode Tanyameets a new guy and asks her to dinner, then presents it to his friends and they begin to see its flaws because they do not like guys who take tanya home. This causes a fight between them and maketanya gets angry and wants to move out of the house amy. Tanya fights continue and not change your mind, and begins to tell you that is your life and accept his decision, after a while that tanya leavesand goes to the cafeteria below. This episode ends in arriving at night and said that they were right that the guy she was married and came out from now on they would ignore.


In thisepisode Amy learns that she is pregnant but does not mean Humberto because just this at the peak of its success, and a baby does not want to ruin that. So Tanya entire term because they found apregnancy test in the trash and she thinks she is pregnant is Cathy. Everything is complicated when Tanya tells her suspicions to Andrew and emotional ending. Cathy Andrew Asked if it was true that she waspregnant she ends up being the surprise. Together the three investigating whether she is pregnant is Amy; she will confirm their doubts and says yes. At the end of the day everyone was expectingHumberto came to tell the news but Amy was not sure to say, when it humberto all told and is paralyzed, and Amy tells him why he did not want to tell and he tells her that a baby does not it would ruin hiscareer, instead make it more happy, and there ended the episode.


In this episode Humberto angry with seb, because the girls invited to his apartment and that makes you angry amy thatshe thinks may end humberto slept with one of them. Seb angry and will not return throughout the day, it appears the next day and tells them that is committed with a girl for two years and wants to...
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