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Thought -> pensaba.
Successful -> talentoso.
Taught -> enseño.
Better -> mejor.
Sent -> enviado.
Wanted -> quería.
Angry -> enfadado.
Behaivour -> comportamiento.
Clothers -> ropa.
Believed -> creía.
wasting -> desperdiciando.
Rundown -> ruinoso.
Building -> edificio.
During -> durante.
Surroundings -> alrededor.
Subject -> objeto.
Became -> comienza.
Known -> conocido.

Noartist has affected modern art more than Picasso. The works of art he created changed the way people thought about art. Picasso was perhaps the most talented and successful artist who ever lived. Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in 1881 in a small town on the southern coast of Spain. His father was a painter who taught art. Picasso showed exceptional talent at an early age, and, by the time he was in histeens, painted better than his father or any of the local art teachers. At sixteen, Picasso was sent to the Royal Academy of Madrid. Picasso wanted to work alone. Picasso's father became angry with his son's rebellious behaviour, long hair and strange clothes. he believed that Picasso was wasting his talent. In 1900, Picasso left for Paris- then the centre of the art world. he lived in a cold,rundown building, painting constantly, sometime surviving for days on only a piece of bread. During these years his art reflected his surroundings. People with no homes were the subject of many of his realistic early paintings. After seeing African masks and sculptures, his works became simplified and he created the new style known as Cubism.

I went to a concert Ska-p on the 11th of November thisyear, was in the “Velodromo Municipal” in Montevideo.
Is a rock band and has 6 members.
The weather was nice, was a starry night.
When I entered the group was playing the song “Ni Fu Ni Fa” and all people are jumping a lot.
I went to the front to see and hear better.
It felt great, was fantastic.

Gained -> ganando.
Ancient -> Antigua.
Landed Gentry -> terratenientes.
Among -> entre.Subjects -> temas.
During -> durante.
Lasted -> duraba.
Dawn -> amanecer.
Dusk -> anochecer.
Took him -> lo llevó.
Followed -> seguido.
Twins -> Mellizos
Which -> Cuál.
Becoming -> Convertirce en.
Success -> Éxito.
Able -> Capaz.
Purchase -> Compra.
Joint owner -> Copropietario.
Playwrights -> Dramaturgo.

William Shakespeare was born in April of 1564 in the village of Stratford inWarwickshire. Shakespeare father, John Shakespeare, came from a family of yeomen, and he gained much prestigious position in the community. Shakespeare mother, Anna Arden, come from an ancient family of Landed Gentry. He was educate in the local school, where he studied Latin and Greek, among other subjects, during a school day that often lasted from dawn to dusk.
Shakespeare’s first exposure tothe theatre probably occurred when he was young. As a child his father probably took him to see plays when travelling troupes of actors come to town.
Shakespeare was married to Anna Hathaway in 1582, when he was 18; she was 26. Ana was the daughter of respected yeoman framer. William and Ana had their first child, Susana, in May of 1583. This was followed by the birth of twins, Hamnet and Judith,in January of 1585.
The first written reference to Shakespeare existence in London occurred in 1592, when he was in his late twenties.
He joined the Lord Chamberlin’s men, on acting company which was protected by Queen, becoming a shareholder and senior member in 1595.
Because of his success in London, he was able to purchase New Palace, the largest and most elegant house in his home town ofStratford, when he was in his early thirties (1597).
Shakespeare became joint owner of the famous Globe theatre when it opened in 1599. He financial success in the London theatre enable him to retire and return to his home in Stratford around 1610.

I like Shakespeare because it is one of the best playwrights of all times. The works that I like are Romeo and Juliet, Humbled and Macbeth.

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