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What's On?

First read the following questions and then use the TV Schedule to find the answers.

1. Jack has a video - can he watch both documentaries without having to make avideo?

2. Is there a show about making good investments?

3. You are thinking about traveling to the USA for a vacation. Which show should you watch?

4. Your friend doesn't have a TV, butwould like to watch a film starring Tom Cruise. Which film should you record on your video?

5. Peter is interested in wild animals which show should he watch?

6. Which sport can you watch thattakes place outside?

7. Which sport can you watch that takes place inside?

8. You like modern art. Which documentary should you watch?

9. How often can you watch the news?

10. Is there ahorror film on this evening?

|6.00 p.m.: National News - |6.00 p.m.: In-Depth News - |6.00 p.m.:Travel Abroad - |
|join Jack Parsons for your |In-depth coverage of the most|This week we travel to sunny|
|daily news roundup. |important national and |California! || |international news stories. | |
|6.30: The Tiddles- Peter | |6.30: The Flintstones- Fred |
|joins Maryfor a wild |7.00: Nature Revealed- |and Barney are at it again. |
|adventure in the park. |Interesting documentary | |
||taking a look at the |7.00: Pretty Boy- Tom |
|7.00: Golf Review- Watch |microscopic universe in your |Cruise, the prettiest boy of|
|highlights from today's final|average speckof dust. |them all, in an action |
|round of the Grand Master's. |7.30: Ping - Pong Masters- |packed thriller about |
| |Live coverage from Peking....
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