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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2011
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In this short story called the veldt there is a weird house where these people live. I think thatwhen we read more there is going to be a lot of changes and I think that if they don’t get out of that house that this houseis going to become evil and start in stead of doing there chores doing bad stuff to them. Also I think that these people ifthey move they are going to not find a house but build another super weird house but the only difference is that it was veryevil and didn’t help in anything.

Why or Why Not

I would and wouldn’t like to live in this house. I would like to livein that house because I don’t have to do anything so they would cook for me bath me etc. I would also like to live in thishouse because I would always be calm and never tired and not do any chores in my house. And my reasons because I wouldn’t livethere is because I wouldn’t do anything and I am always in motion and I have to be doing something if not I get bored orjust sleep. So I wouldn’t like it to bath me or cook for me or do anything I would like being in a really normal house insteadof living there. So in the conclusion I think that I wouldn’t live in this house because I like being in motion a lot.
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