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At this moment all around the world we can find cases where surgery has dangerous tumor cell. On the other hand some surgeries had gone to deep and removed to much tissue producing pain causeby the surrounding tissue or never that has been damaged. Right now there is a new image system, that can visualize. The tumor and cancer in a better way. They can remove the cancer cell with aless pain. During the first try the surgeon used an infra-red laser light. That showed were they have to cut without injuring other tissue. Sometimes it the surgeon cannot see the cancer cell, theimage can be in larged by raising the signal, making essay to see very small white cells or even the protein it contains before the surgery done. Beside the imaging system there are instrumentwhich are two video cameras and wave bands (bands of spectrum). The creator of image is use for any type of tumor and bring a light issue. The protein is also observed in the imaging system such asbreast cancer cell.

This system converts images of bright neon on a visible light image colors. This allows surgeons to distinguish different types of tissues by emitting different colours.Bernand Lee acknowledged that cancer surgery "is currently a guessing game". Surgeons are guided by their senses to identify the borders of the tumors. They can take samples tissue in the samesurgery for quick analysis, but the right thing is an analysis of 5 to 7 days. The Frangioni laboratory is the first one to deliver Imaging in the operating rooms to distinguish between bloodvessels and other tissues during experimental surgery in animals. Because the infrared light penetrates through a few millimeters of tissue, surgeons may be able to see things that otherwise would beinvisible.


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