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1. I come from England.
2. There aren't many people here.
3. Tim isn't going to work tomorrow.
4. I'd like some information, please.
5. Did you walk to school yesterday?
6. I went to theshop to buy some chocolate.
7. 'I don't like coffee.' ' Neither do I.'
8. 'Have you visited London?' ' Not yet .'
9. Is Jo as tall as Chris?
10. You should do your homework.
11. 'Where'sthe nearest post office, please?'
12. Would you mind closing the window?
13. He's interested in learning Spanish.
14. How long have you been learning English?
15. His office is on thesecond floor of the building.
16. The doctor gave me a prescription for some medicine yesterday.
17. Can you tell me when the train leaves ?
18. I expect a reply to my letter in the next few days.
19. WhenSimon comes back tonight, he'll cook dinner.
20. We arrived in England two days ago.
21. 'Why are you so hungry?' 'Oh, I didn't have breakfast this morning.'
22. You had better see a doctor.23. You should take up swimming.
24. 'Did you speak to Juliet?' 'No, I've hardly seen her.
25. He told me that he had been working in Spain the previous year.
26. She looks as if she's goingto be sick.
27. The best way to learn a language is by speaking a little every day.
28. She told me to go to school.
29. I want to be a teacher when I grow up .
30. I'm fed up with doing thisexercise.
31. It is ages since I saw my brother.
32. She has been accused of murdering her husband.
33. You aren't allowed to use your mobile so there's no point in leaving it on .
34.You needn't have done the cleaning. I would have done it tonight.
35. They have put speed bumps on the road to prevent accidents.
36. We would never have had the accident if you hadn't been driving sofast.
37. The tree was struck by lightning.
38. If only I were richer.
39. Despite being the better team, we lost the match.
40. By this time next year, I will have taken all my...
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