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|Pete Winston is in New York, and Milt Singer is in Oregon. Read |Pete Winston: Yes, it is. But I think she’s in love. |
|their telephone conversation.|Milt Singer: That’s wonderful, too! |
|Milt Singer: Hello |Pete Winston: No, it isn’t. I don’tknow her boyfriend. |
|Pete Winston: Hi, Milt? |Milt Singer: Is he a student? |
|Milt Singer: Yes.|Pete Winston: No, he isn’t. |
|Pete Winston: This is Pete Winston |Milt Singer: What’s hisname? |
|Milt Singer: Hi, Pete. How are you? How’s business? |Pete Winston: Rocky. |
|Pete Winston: I’mfine, and business is great. But I’m worried. |Milt Singer: Rocky? |
|Milt Singer: Why? What’s wrong |Pete Winston:Yes Rocky! Who is this Rocky? You’re an old friend. |
|Pete Winston: I’m worried about my daughter, Carol. |You’re in Oregon now. You’re a great detective. Please help me. |
|MiltSinger: Why? |Milt Singer: I’ll do my best |
|Pete Winston: She’s in Oregon, at Oregon State University.|Pete Winston: Thanks Milt. Bye. |
|Milt Singer: That’s wonderful! |Milt Singer: Bye|
| |Resource taken from: focus on grammar 1994 a’ basic course’ |

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