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  • Publicado : 19 de mayo de 2011
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Serena Williams



Hello! It is a pleasure to be with you, you are great athlete United States of America, and today we are privileged to make a shortinterview

Serena Williams: Hello! for me it is a pleasure to be here
Let's begin!

What is your name?
Serena Williams: Serena Williams

How old are you?
Serena Williams: I am 30 years old

Whatsport do you practice?
Serena Williams: Tennis

How tall are you and how much you weigh?
Serena Williams: My height is 1.76 and my weight is 65 kg

That as countries visited during your career?Serena Williams: eh I have visited many countries, but realize most of my career in the U.S.

Do you go to mexico?
Serena Williams: Yes, I've been in Mexico several times and I loved it

Whatis your favorite food?
Serena Williams: Sushi with blueberry sauce, & coffee ice cream

& going to another topic
As you realized you were good to play tennis?

Serena Williams: At 14 years old Irealized that I liked, which was good, and follow the shadow of my sister, but despite my decision for the tennis, I had to continue studying for my father that was the priority

As your career getstarted?
Serena Williams: get started in 1991 under the rigorous and strict SUPERVISION Rick Macci (an expert in the sport)

Do you like about this sport?
Serena Williams: Everything! simply bornfor this

What occupy to play "tennis"?

Serena Williams: First of all, occupy love this sport, you win and delivery, it is all

At what age did you started?
Serena Williams: At 10 years oldA future goal?
Serena Williams: My goal is to move forward and improve every day, be felis, and always be the best

Serena Williams thank you very much for giving us this great interview!Finally you want to send a message to children about the sport and a healthy lifestyle?

  Serena Williams :

I encourage all children to exercise, is a very healthy activity, which brings many...
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