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H a r r y Black is a thief. He takes a famous painting and puts it in an old newspaper. But then the recycling truck arrives—and where is Harry's newspaper?
Penguin Readers are simplified textsdesigned in association with Longman, the w o r l d famous educational publisher, to provide a step-by-step approach to the joys of reading for pleasure. Each book has an introduction and extensiveactivity material. They are published at seven levels from Easystarts (200 words) to Advanced (3000 words). Series Editors:Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potter

6 Advanced (3000 words) 5 Upper Intermediate(2300 words) 4 Intermediate (1700 words) 3 Pre-lntermediate (1200 words) 2 Elementary (600 words) 1 Beginner (300 words) Easystarts (200 words)

Contemporary Classics Originals

British EnglishAmerican English

Cassette also published
Cover illustration © Adam Willis

Published and distributed by Pearson Education Limited

The time is one o'clock in the morning.The place is the Ritesville town art gallery. A window opens and a man comes in. His name is Harry Black, and he is a thief. It is dark in the art gallery, but Harry has a light. He looks across theroom at a painting. "There it is!" he says.

Harry moves quickly across the room. He stands and looks at the painting. "A million dollars for this?" he thinks. "I don't understand it." But he takesa knife from his coat. Then he takes the painting very, very slowly from its frame.

Harry goes back across the room to the window, but he walks into a table. There is a beautiful blue glass vaseon the table. It falls on the floor and breaks into a hundred pieces. Harry smiles. "Is that a million-dollar vase?" he thinks. "It isn't now!" He runs across the pieces of glass to the window.
3 Harry has a room in Mrs. Allen's rooming house. He goes quietly up to his room and closes the door. Mrs. Allen and her daughter, Janey, are sleeping. They don't hear him. In his room, Harry takes...
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