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The Silent Way.-
The Silent Way is the pedagogical approach created by Gattegno for teaching foreign languages; the objective is for students to work as autonomous language learners.
An approachthat respects the learner.-
The very name Silent Way highlights the fact that the teacher speaks very little during the lesson; the teacher's role is not to transmit knowledge, to act as a model norto provide answers. However, the teacher intervenes, if necessary, to draw the learners' attention to the way they are going about the act of learning.
Relying on the students' mental capacities,their experience and acquired skills, the teacher endeavors to ensure that they make their own discoveries, gain their own insights into the functioning of the language, establish their own criteria forrightness, acquire a know-how and above all, become autonomous as learners and speakers of the language.
Because Silent Way teachers speak so little, they are free to observe their studentscarefully and be available to them.
The teacher remains the indispensable guarantor of the correctness of the language (the sounds, prosody, vocabulary, syntax, register...) and of its appropriateness tothe situation.
Pedagogical materials that are both effective and fun to use .-
Available for English, German, French, Japanese and Spanish (and in prototype for many other languages), the materialcomprises:
• a sound/color chart (or rectangle chart). A wall chart made up of different colored rectangles in which each color represents a phoneme (sound) of the language, enabling learners to workon fine distinctions in the phonetics and prosody of the language studied, both on the level of production and of listening and recognition.
• word charts on which the words are written with thesame color code as the rectangle chart. These charts display the structural vocabulary of the language, about 500 words. The color code means that languages as different as Japanese and Russian, which...
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