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/* intro */
Matt: Hey bra', how we doin', man?
Karl: Alright.
Matt: It's been awhile, man. Life's so rad! This band's my favorite,man. Don'tcha love 'em?
Karl: Yeah.
Matt: Aw, man, do you want beer?
Karl: Alright.
Matt: Aw, man. Wow, bra', this is the best, man. I'm so glad we'reall back together and stuff. This is great, man.
Karl: Yeah.
Matt: Hey, do you know about the party after the show?
Karl: Yeah.
Matt: Aw, man, it'sgonna be the best. I'm so stoked! Take it easy, bra'.

/* verse 1 */
I'm me, me be
Goddamn, I am
I can, sing and
Here me, know me.

/* chorus 1 */If you want to destroy my sweater
Hold this thread as I walk away.

Mykel***: Hey, what's up?
Matt: Not much.
Mykel: Um... did you hear about theparty?
Matt: Yeah.
Mykel: I think I'm going to go, but, um... my friends don't really wanna go. Could I get a ride?

/* verse 2 */
Oh no, it go
Itgone, bye-bye...bye
Who I, I think
I sink, and I die.

/* chorus */
If you want to destroy my sweater...Woah-ah-woah-ah-woah.
Hold this thread as Iwalk away... As I walk away.
Watch me unravel, I'll soon be naked.
Lying on the floor, lying on the floor
I've come undone.

/* chorus bridge */
Ifyou want to destroy my sweater. (I don't want to destroy your tank-top.)
Pull this string as I walk away. (Let's be friends and just walk away.)
Watch meunravel, I'll soon be naked. (Hate to see you lyin' there in your Superman skivvies.)
Lying on the floor, lying on the floor…..I've come undone!.....
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