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1. The headquarters of the United Nations is in New York.

2. In the most countries people drive on the right.

3. I usually buy a newspaper on my way to work.

4. Last yearwe had a lovely skiing holiday in the Swiss Alps.

5. San Francisco is on the west coast of the United States.

6. She spends most of the day sitting at the window.

7. The report about theaccident was on the front page of the newspaper.

8. In the theatre we had seats in the front row.

9. Write the name and address on the front page of the envelope.

10. It's dangerous to playfootball in the streets.

11. I'll meet you at the corner of the street at 10.

12. We got stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the airport.

13. Look at the horses in that field.

14. at the endof the street is a path to our house.

15. Do you want sugar in your coffee?
1. Her brother lives in a small town on the south coast of Spain.

2. The sports results are on the back page of thepaper.

3. They got married in Birmingham.

4. Vienna is on the river Danube.

5. His office is on the third floor.

6. Tom is sitting in an armchair.

7. The picture is on the wall.

8. Wemeet at the station at 7.

9. She was ill and stayed in bed.

10. Are there any good films at the cinema this week?

11. We went to see a play at the National Theatre.

12. She is still inhospital and recovers from her holiday.

13. We were at sea for ten weeks.

14. Because of delay we had to wait for three hours at the airport.

15. I didn't see her at the party.
1. We decidednot to go by car.

2. She studied in Paris for two weeks.

3. The exhibition at the art gallery finished last Sunday.

4. I saw Ken at Dave's wedding.

5. Linda is a student at CambridgeUniversity.

6. After some years he arrived back in Scotland.

7. The train arrives at platform 3.

8. What time did you arrive at the hotel?

9. Turn left at the traffic lights.

10. When are...
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