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TEST on Simple Past 1
Write the past forms of the irregular verbs.
1. go → went
2. come → came
3. buy → bought
4. have → had
5. do → did
Complete the table in simple past.Put the sentences into simple past.
* We open the door. → We opened the door.
* You write poems. → You wrote poems.
* Richard plays in the garden. → Richard played in the garden.
*Kerry does not speak English. → Kerry did not speak English.
* Do you see the bird? → Did you see the bird?
Write sentences in simple past
* You / play / cards : You played cards.
* I /want/ a car: I wanted a car
* We/ lose/ the game: We lost the game. (verb: irregular)
* I /not/ get up/ early: I did not get up early.
* Jeff and Linda / not / cycle / home: Jeff andLinda did not cycle home.
“Was” or “Were“?
1. I wasUse was for I/he/she/it or a singular noun. hungry.
2. You wereUse were for you/we/they or a plural noun. in Australia last year.
3.She was not there.
4. Charly Chaplin was a famous actor
Ask for the bold part of the sentence.
* Billy ate an apple. What did Billy eat?
* The children played in the garden. Where didthe children play?
* Laura came home at six o'clock. When did Laura come home?
* The boy read a book. Who read a book?
* The girl wrote five letters. How many letters did the girl write?Test on Future I Simple (Will)
1. they / call / us
* Positive: They will call us.
* Negative: They will not call us.
* Question: Will they call us?
2. she / remember/ us
* Positive: She will remember us.
* Negative: She will not remember us.
* Question: Will she remember us?
3. you / be / in Australia
* Positive: You will bein Australia.
* Negative: You will not be in Australia.
* Question: Will you be in Australia?
4. I / buy / bread
* Positive: I will buy bread.
* Negative: I will...