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Entry Test
Name: ______________________________________ Date: ____________________________ Grade: ________________
* Use of English:

A. Circle the correct answer:

1. Tom has____________ English lesson on Thursdays.
a) your
b) her
c) his
2. This film is ____________ than his last one.
a) best
b) good
c) better
3. I'm a teacher. ____________ doyou do? = Nice to meet you!
a) How
b) What
c) Who
4. I am fair ____________ my sister is dark.
a) but
b) because
c) that
5. I'm hungry! Is there ____________ fruit inthe cupboard?
a) a lot
b) any
c) some
6. I ____________ go to the seaside at the weekend.
a) many
b) often
c) like much
7. Amanda can ____________ all night long!
b) to dance
c) dance
8. ____________ girls over there are English.
a) That
b) These
c) Those
9. He sleeps during the day and works ____________ night.
a) atb) at the
c) on the
10. ____________ painting over there is beautiful.
a) That
b) These
c) Those

B. Complete the sentences. Use contractions where possible.
Ishe a student?

1. ‘Is Magda Polish?’ ‘Yes, __________ is.’
2. We __________ from Spain.
3. ‘Where __________ you from?’ ‘I’m from Poland.’
4. This __________ Thai food. It’s Chinese.
5. ‘Is hein Class 12?’ ‘No, he __________ .’
6. ‘Are they teachers?’ ‘No, they __________ .’
7. ‘I__________ Brazilian. I’m from Rio de Janeiro.’
8. We __________ Spanish. We’re Argentinian.

C.Complete the sentences with the correct word.
Example: We are students. Our teacher is Irish.
Their Our Your

1. They’re students. __________ names are Martin
and Sally.His Their Her
2. Marco is Portuguese, but __________ mother is American.
His her she
3. It’s a school. __________ name is The...
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