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MacMillan Readers

It's Sunday. Sue, Rebecca and their friends arrive at their holiday chalet. Everybody is very excited. They are going to ski. Sue and Rebecca love skiing. They are good atskiing. It's early on Monday morning. Everybody is at the ski hire shop. Sue and Rebecca are choosing their boots and skis. They put on their boots and carry their skis. Sue has yellow boots and blue skis.Rebecca has red boots and white skis. Sue's poles are sticking out behind her. Mark trips over Sue's skis.

Sue and Rebecca are in the ski lift. The hard snow of the piste is below them. The skilift is taking them to the top of the mountain. They are going to ski down the piste from the top of the mountain.

Sue and Rebecca get off the ski lift at the top of the mountain. Then they ski downthe mountain. They are good skiers. They don't fall over. David and Mark are watching them. David and Mark are also good skiers. The young people ski all day. They enjoy themselves. In the evening,they ski back to their chalet. They are very tired.

Ski Race


It's Wednesday morning. The young people are waiting to go up on the ski lift. They are listening to their teacher. There's goingto be a ski race. Sue and Rebecca want to win. David and Mark want to win. Everybody wants to win! The young people go up the mountain. They put on their skis. They ski down the piste. They arepractising for the race. Sue and Rebecca are skiing fast. They want to win the race. Mark and David are also skiing fast. They want to pass Sue and Rebecca. But they can't. It's Saturday morning. Saturdayis the last day of the holiday. It's the day of the race. The race is in the afternoon. Sue and Rebecca are hungry. They leave their skis at the side of the cafe. They sit down and order lunch. Davidand Mark see Sue and Rebecca. They don't want Sue and Rebecca to win the race. They find Rebecca and Sue's skis. They undo a screw on one of Sue's skis. Everybody is ready. The race is starting. Who...
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