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  • Publicado : 14 de febrero de 2012
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Wave of the future
By the year 2000 we sill see microware ivens in cars, on mass transit, in family rooms, the bedroom and even the bathroom. “ so predictsmarketing consultant time straus, who also foresees the invention of telephone- operated microwave ovens, and of microwaves that can “ quick freeze” foods. These arejust a few of the crys-tal-ball prognostications i heard at a recent seminar in New York City on microwave cooking. By 2000 we´ll have more nonfood products thatcan go into the microwave – hor oil treatments for hair, for example – suggests Lyn Dornblaser, punlisher of a food-industry journal. She also expects to see moremocriwave- only concepts- like pork- rind pellets that expand in the microwave- and more microwavable snack items. Herbert Baum, president of the gaint foosconglomerate cambell north America, goes so far as to predict that by 2000 the microwave oven will be America´s primary cooking appliancethanks to ovens that willbrown food efficiently, have multiple cooking cavities and accurate heat sensors to indicate when the food is done and can be voice-activated. Barbara kafka, authorof two microwave cookbooks and an FC contributing editor, notes that health benefitis of microwave cooking come form the ability to cook almost completely withoutadded fat. This results in intensified natural flovors and makes prepating high- carbohydrate dishes like risotto, polenta, oatmeal and potatoes easier andfaster. And who knows? In 2000 and beyond, good health-and “ easier” and “faster” food prep- may be even more important to busy cooks than they are right now.

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