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♥//Exercise 3a Pag.65
1. - Find two different ways the waiter asks the customers what they want to eat.
May I take your order? / Are you ready to order?
2. –Find three different ways ofasking for something on the menu.
I’ll start whit / I’ll have that / I’d like
3. -Find three different ways of serving meat.
Rare / Medium rare / Well done
4. –How does the water otherfoods and drinks?
Anything to drink Sir. ?

♥//Exercise 1b Pag.66
Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner |
Cereal, hot cakes, eggs, toast, ham, coffee, orange juice, yogurt, milk, milksake. |Roast beef, fish, pie cheese, mineral water, soup, grilled chicken, spaghetti, tomatoes, | Pizzas, steak hamburgers, tea, jelly, potatoes, salad, wrap, sandwich. |

♥//Exercise 4b Pag.69♥//Exercise 4a Pag.71ña


La cabaña

The food is great, was, delicious, and much variety on the menu.
But don't like thelook of the restaurant.
The waiters are very kind and I like.♥//Exercise 3b Pag.73

The biggest Churro of the world was realized on July 15, 2011 in The Central park. In which there were 73 volunteers to do this. There were needed 100000 grams of flour,20000 grams of sugar, 200 liters of water, 200 spoonfuls of oil and 200 pinches of salt. The things them donated the bakery The Globe and the supermarket Sam's Club. Two weeks and a half, realize tohelp the poor persons. The biggest Churro of the world is now un the World Book of Records.

♥//Exercise 3c & 3d Pag. 75
1 a kilogram of apples
2 a spoonful of vegetable oil
3 a bunch ofgrapes
4 a pinch of salt and pepper
5 a cup of coffee
6 a slice of bread
7 100 milliliters of honey

1 How many apples do we need? Two kilos.
2 How much vegetable oil do we need? A...
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