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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2012
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”Atom in search of his dream”

Mauricio Chávez Jiméne<
IntroductionWelcome to the story book of possible dream.
For many people soccer is the most beautiful sport in the world today, no country that do not play soccer. Also his name is kingsport. There are great players of all time, which always stand out midfielders and strikers. Along these lines, the two most famous players considered the best of alltime, are Pele and Diego Maradona People express many feelings when play anywhere.

When atom was born his parents knew that he wasn´t a normal baby now that he had an incrediblepower on his feet but in that moment they saw it normal. But he looks the ball all the time.

When atom had 5 he started to play in a soccer team in his neiborghood. When heplayed he didn´t pay atention to the game when the game finish he said that I don´t want to play anymore because the field is al dirt and he saw the airplaines pass

when thefathers they where thinking that soccer wasn´t his true stuff because of his strong feet. but 1 year later he started to like soccer and started to play more in hisneiborhood. a lot of people starded to talk about him because he started to score a lot of goal. when he had 15 years old they detected a problem in his knee a lot of persons startedto talk about him because what happend and they where scared because they dirint think he would play again

when he reach 17 years old he transformd to the best player in hisneighborhood that´s when he started to play in the big teams that´s when they got him in the tigres team. when at short time got mest up hes knee again 2 years later.
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