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It is an electronic machine that receives and processes data to convert it into useful information. This consist of integratedcircuits that provide speed and accuracy of orders given by the user, the computer follows a set of instructions that are performed by a variety of functions, but toallow these orders must have data must be supplied at the time to execute the order to process and give a final answer.


Information may be copied, used,modified or transmitted to other computers by means of sources of communication such as electronic mail. It can also be saved or stored in a storage unit.

FEATURES:It is a machine that, unlike others such as calculators, she can do much more diverse, taking into account the possibilities offered by the software and hardware.COMPONENTS:

The most common are:

Memory: Are the units where they store information. These are required to carry out instructions. There are two kinds: TheRAM, which stores data only temporarily, and the ROM that stores the information for an extended period.

Monitor: Output device that displays data and processed bycomputer.

Keyboard: Input device that can write data and commands that are entered in the machine

The mouse: is a device that allows you to move and control data.Printer: Output device that allows a hard copy on paper of the stored data. Use a set of ink cartridges or laser
Scanner: A device that lets you enter inputimages or prints into digital form.

Speakers: Output device used to transform the data into sounds and music. These may come integrated into the computer or separately
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