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  • Publicado : 15 de agosto de 2012
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Ugly Duckling
On a beautiful spring morning, a beautiful and strong leg hatched their eggs and as he did, he thought of the precious little children strong and soon to have. Suddenly, they began toopen the shells. Each head sticking out, her heart pounding. The ducks began to puff while twittering in chorus. The mother looked at were all so beautiful, there will be only one, the last, which wasodd, as fatter and uglier than others. Gradually, the ducks were growing and learning to look in the grass the fattest worms, and swim and dive in the water. Each day they looked more beautiful. Onlythe last one born every day was longer neck and body fat .... more The mother was worried and sad leg and everyone passing by the side of the duck looked at him with rarity. Gradually theneighborhood started calling him the "ugly duckling" and even his brothers despised him because they saw it differently.
The duck was very unhappy and very lonely and decided to leave. When everyone went tosleep, he hid in some reeds, and so began a long way until, suddenly, he saw a mill and a beautiful young woman laying hens wheat. He approached with suspicion and silent seeing all decided to stay thereto live. But soon everyone started calling him "ugly duckling", "duck fat" ... and even the cock mistreated him. One night he heard the mill owners say, "That duck is too fat, we're going to have toroast." The duck was speechless with fear that night and decided to flee from there. Throughout the winter was wandering from one place to another without finding a place to live, or with whom. Whenspring finally arrived, the duck came out of his shelter to walk. Suddenly, he saw a beautiful white swans, long-necked duck and decided to approach them. The swans were glad to see him and the duckwas a little surprised, because nobody ever had been glad to see it. All swans surrounded him and accepted from the outset. He did not know what was happening: suddenly, looked at the water from the...
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