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Different Kinds of Governments

There are so many variations of what a government body constitutes, which is made clearer in the following types of governments.
* Federal Government
A government with top authority segregates power between a numbers of smaller governments that rule in states, where different affairs are delegated to these smaller governments by the ruling centralgovernment.
* Monarchy
Monarchy implies rule or the power of government in the hands of an individual who in his hereditary line becomes next in line to take over the throne. Currently there exists thirty-one monarchs reigning over forty-five extant sovereign monarchies in the world, sixteen of which are Commonwealth Realms that formally recognize Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state and PrinceCharles as heir.
* Despotism
Despotism is the form of rule wherein a single leader rules the entire population and all his or her subjects are considered to be his or her slaves. The Pharaoh of Egypt is an example of this sort of rule. In case of contemporary contexts, the term implies tyrannical rule.
* Dictatorship
Dictatorship implies rule by an individual who has complete powerover the country, where even a small group of people can help in ruling the government. Although there have been several definitions of dictatorship, broadly all the various types and forms of dictatorship tend to exhibit totalitarian characteristics. When the power of the government does not come from the people, it is unlimited and tends to expand their scope of power to control every aspect ofpeople's lives. Some countries have its own army take over the government, where there is no election process by the people but more a forced act of rule by the dictating party.
* Oligarchy
Oligarchy is the form of government where a small group has the power to govern or rule. Aristotle had coined the term oligarchy as synonym for rule by the rich (which is known as plutocracy), whereoligarchy now simply refers to rule of the privileged few. Even if the wealthy had military backing that was strong, they were able to rule over a nation.
* Democracy
Democracy is best described by Abraham Lincoln as a form of government that is of the people, by the people and for the people. It is a form of government, which allows people to choose the representatives amongst themselves who aregiven the rights to form the government. A democracy usually has a standard constitution that confers certain rights of freedom and expression (and many other rights) to its citizens and expects certain duties from them and a uniform law to govern the entire nation. Elections are carried out where a process of voting ensues. The people then vote for representatives of the government that they seefit to run the government, where this recurs every couple of years where a new body is elected.

* Communist Government
A communist government is a form of government in which the state is governed by a one-party system. This form of government works on the lines of Marxism-Leninism. Thus, the state and the communist party claim to act in accordance to the wishes of the working class or thepeasantry. Although a communist government claims to implement democratic dictatorship of the proletariat, it tends to incline towards the abolition of the state and implementation of communism.
* Theocracy
This kind of government is when a religious hierarchy of administration is identical to that of the government, where the latter is under the religious ruling administration. It is when areligious body takes over the government, where if a church or a kind of religious group were to govern a nation, it would be termed as ecclesiocracy. They believe in being ruled by the highest authority 'God', where they are believed to be functioning under his guided influence.
* Anarchy
An anarchical nation is where no government rules, and there is a constant fight between groups to...
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