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1- Write the passive form of the verbs. They are in the present tense.

1) Mr Jones watches the film.
The film is watched. (by Mr. Jones)
2) The people speak English.
English is spoken.
3) He reads comics.
Comics are read.
4) We play volleyball.
Volleyball is played.
5) They sing the song.
The song is sung.
6) I take photos.
Photos aretaken.
7) She does the housework.
The housework is done.
8) The policemen help the children.
The children are helped. (by the policemen)
9) He writes text messages.
Text messages are written.
10) Mother waters the flowers.
The flowers are watered.

2- Write the passive form of the verbs. They are in the past tense.

1) She bought four apples.
Four apples were bought.
2) We wonthe match.
The match was won.
3) The man stole the blue car.
The blue car was stolen.
4) The police arrested the thieves.
The thieves were arrested.
5) Jack swam the 200 metres.
The 200 metres were swum.
6) The dog bit the old lady.
The old lady was bitten.
7) Tom and Max ate five hamburgers.
Five hamburgers were eaten.

8) Oliver taught the children.
The children weretaught.
9) Victoria rode the brown horse.
The brown horse was ridden.
10) Grandmother told good stories.
Good stories were told.
11) Julia rescued three cats.
Cats were rescued by Julia.
12) The students handed in the reports.
The reports were handed in.
13) Maria crashed into the blue car.
The blue car was crashed by Maria.
14) Alex learned the poem.
The poem was learned byAlex.

3- Write the passive form of the verbs.

1) Steven has forgotten the book.
The book has been forgotten.
2) The mechanic has not repaired the DVD recorder.
The DVD recorder has not been repaired.
3) They play handball.
Handball is played.
4) Sue puts the rucksack on the floor.
The rucksack is put on the floor.
5) The girls had lost the match.
The match had been lost.
6)The teacher is not going to open the window.
The window is not going to be opened.

4- Fill in the gaps with the correct verb tense.

|1) The words are explained by the teacher today. |
|2) We were sent a letter the day before yesterday. |
|3) This car will not be stolen. It's too old. |
|4)This street has already been closed because of snow. |
|5) A new restaurant will be opened next week. |
|6) He was invited to the party yesterday. |
|7) The blue box cannot be seen. |
|8) I was given the book by my friend last Sunday. |
|9) The disheshave not been washed by my little brother. |
|10) I will not be asked by Robert. |

11- (MACKENZIE/SP) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie -

The sentence “Duarte Coelho is believed to have said something” in the active voice is
|A - |Duarte Coelho believes he said something. |
|B - |Somethingbelieves Duarte Coelho have said. |
|C - |Everybody said something to Duarte Coelho. |
|D - |We can believe Duarte Coelho said anything. |
|E - |People believe Duarte Coelho said something. |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
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