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SDL No 1

En esta parte podrás aplicar lo aprendido, practicar y comprobar que recuerdas tanto el vocabulario como la gramática de la lección. Si cometes errores, se recomiendarepasar los temas y volver a realizar los ejercicios.

Exercise 2

Completa los recuadros usando el verbo entre paréntesis en Present Perfect o Simple Past.

1. Jane (stay) STAYED at homeyesterday.

2. Your letter (arrive) ARRIVED two days ago.

3. I (live) HAS LIVED here for ten years.

4. Last week we (go) WENT to the cinema.

5. The game (start) . HAS STARTED They areplaying now.

6. I (phone) PHONE you at five and you weren't there.

7. I (lose) HAVE LOST my watch, I can't find it.

8. Last month Sarah (travel) TRAVELLED to Italy.

9. I (work) HAVEWORKED all day and now I'm tired.

10. We (buy) BOUGHT a new house last week.Final del formulario

SDL No 2
tema: El Presente Perfecto 2
Completa las frases con el verbo indicado en elpresente perfecto:

1. I ate vegetables. I have EATEN vegetables.

2. I came. I have COME

3. My cousins sold their car. They have SOLD their car.

4. I told a story. I have TOLD a story.

5.They saw my friend. They have SEEN my friend.

6. We cleaned our room. We have CLEANED our room.

7. I flew to Mexico City. I have FLOWN to Mexico City.

8. I thought about going onvacation. I have THOUNGT about going on vacation.

9. I spoke to Mary about you. I have SPOKEN to Mary about you.

10. She chose the blue pants. She has CHOOSE the blue pants.

SDL No 3
Completa lasfrases con el verbo indicado en el presente perfecto:
1. I am speaking to you. I have SPOKEN to you.

2. That man is driving a car. That man has DRIVEN a car.

3. My friend is sleeping. Myfriend has SLEPT

4. She is in Prague. She has BEEN in Prague.

5. They are arguing about money. They have ARGUED money.

6. They are taking a test. They have TAKEN a test.

7. She is...
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