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Nelson will leave every night when his family comes.
Gustavo will have money in the future.
Leslie won't be in the school when hisfather out of work.
Nelson won’t accept in Mexico money.
Gustavo in 20 years going to dance flamenco.
Leslie going to want much peacein your life.
Nelson is not going to be lucky in your life.
Gustavo is not going to go to Russia

Going to
1) I'm going totell you a secret
2) I'm going to travel next month
3) I'm going to watch a T.V program at 7:30 PM
4) What are you going to do now?
5)I'm going to build a time machine with my friend tomorrow. (Jeje)
6) What are you going to do in the evening?
7) Yes, i'm going toget married next weekend
8) If you preffer, i'm going to answer your question in Yahoo Answers
9) I'm going to go to Hong Kong inHoliday
10) I'm going to sleep now, good bye!

Not Going to
1. She is not (isn't) going to buy that car.
2. They are not (aren't)going to send the parcel back.
3. I' m not going to the cinema this evening.
4. They are not going to move to a new house next year.
5.She is not going to celebrate her birthday next month.
6. Jose is not going to university in two years time.
7. She is not going topaint.
8. Sandra is not going to drink some coffee.
9. They are not going to the beach 
10. I am not going to New York next month
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