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CENTRO DE IDIOMAS - Institución Universitaria CEIPAAnswer sheet: A famous department store | centro de idiomas |
Teacher: Luz Nasly García AmadorLevel: _A1_Student’s name: YEIMI GUZMAN LOPEZDate:22 March 2011 | |
| Score: | |

Before you read
1. A beauty product | c. helps you to look good. |
2.If you have insurance, you | d. can get money if something bad happens to you |
3.Acredit card | b. let’s you pay for something if you do not have cash |
4.An employee | e. works for a company |
5.A railway station | f. is a place where you can get a train |
6.If your company isgreen, it | a. helps look after the environment |

Answer this question: Do you like shopping at department stores? Why?
Yes, I like becausethestoresare organized, havegood quality products, goodserviceandcustomer careand becauseyou can payby credit card, incase you have not money._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

1. Answer these questions | 2. Complete these sentences with either isor are |
A.What ismark and Spencer? | A department store | A.Thereare many M&S stores in the UK. | Are |
B.What does M&S sell? | Clothes, home and beauty products, furniture and food also insurance and creditcards. | B.Mr Rose is chief executive Officer of M&S. | Is |
C.How many stores are there in the UK? | There are 450 stores. | C.Some M&S food stores are in the airports. | Are |
D.In howmany countries are there M&S stores? | In 30 different countries. | D.M&Sis a green company. | Is |
E.How many people work the company? | There are over 60.000 employees. | E.Thereare newproducts all the time. | Are |
F.How many customers are there every week? | There are about 10 million customers in M&S stores. | | |
G.Whatare the food stores called? | These are stores just...