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Spring is one of the four seasons of temperate zones.Astronomically, it begins with the vernal equinox (between 20 and 21 March in the northern hemisphere, and between 22 and 23 September in thesouthern hemisphere) and ends with the summer solstice (around June 21 in the northern hemisphere and 21 December in the Southern Hemisphere). However, it is sometimes regarded as the whole months ofMarch, April and May in the northern hemisphere and September, October and November in the hemisphere sur. En some states of Mexico, and walkways parades honoring the spring has come . During the springthe days are getting longer, the sun rises a little earlier and put a little bit later, and the night becomes shorter every day.

The word spring is synonymous with life, youth, sun, air and all youhave colorful, this is mainly due to the abundance of colorful flowers during the month there that covers this season. It also identifies the time that one things is for the most vigor, beauty andfreshness.

At the start of Spring, time to prepare land and plant the majority of staple crops to take advantage of the impending arrival of the rains, and also planted a variety of fruit trees,vegetables and legumes. As is the season that follows winter, spring represents a change of climate which is reflected in the plants, because many flowers are wearing bright and bold colors accompanied byevocative fragrances.

The animals also enjoy the great weather and many of them are reproduced in this period, the birds incubate their eggs and even bees get their own. In people can notice alsothe reflection of a colorful and joyous season

Spring Equinox

An equinox is either of the two moments in the year when the sun is positioned just above the Ecuador and the length of day and nightare exactly the same.

The spring equinox, which in the western hemisphere coincides with the beginning of the season of the same name, occurs around March 21 when the sun moves northward over...
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