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I.- Reported Speech.
Yesterday you ran into a friend of yours, Helen. Helen told you a lot of things. Here are some of the things she said to you:

1.- I’m thinking of goingto live in France.
2.- My father is in the hospital.
3.- Sue and Jim are getting married next month.
4.- I haven’t seen Bill for a while.
5.- I’ve been playing tennis a lot lately.
6.- Barbarahas had a baby.
7.- I don’t know what Fred is doing.
8.- I hardly ever go out these days.
9.- I work 14 hours a day.
10.- I’ll tell Jim I saw you.
11.- You can come and stay with me if you areever in Toronto.
12.- Tom had an accident last week, but he wasn’t injured.
13.- I saw Jack at a party a few months ago, and he seemed fine.

Later that day you tell another friend whatHelen said. Use reported speech.

1.- ___________________________________________________________

II.- Passive Voice:

Write sentences from the words in brackets ( ). All the sentences arepresent.

1. (this room/ clean / every day) _________________________________
2. (how often/ the room / clean?) ________________________________
3. (glass/ make /from sand)...
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