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Ejemplo de Conversacion en Inglés
Alfredo: Hello. My name is Alfredo.
George: Hello Alfredo, I'm George.
George: How can I help you?
Alfredo: Can you tell me where Shinra Factory is?
George: I'm sorry. I have no idea. You're not from here right?
Alfredo: I've just arrived. I'm from Spain.
George: I see. What brings you here to London?
Alfredo: Business.
George: Well, I'm sorry I can'thelp you with that. Maybe that cop can help you.
Alfredo: I'll go ask him. Thank you.
George: No problem. If you need any help, I'm here everyday.
Alfredo: It was nice to meet you. Catch you later
George: See you, and good luck.
Traducción al español de la conversación
Alfredo: Hola, mi nombre es Alfredo
George: Hola Alfredo, yo soy George.
George: ¿Como te puedo ayudar?
Alfredo: ¿Podríasdecirme donde queda la Factoría ShinRa?
George: Lo siento, no tengo idea. ¿No eres de aquí verdad?
Alfredo: He llegado recién. Vengo de España
George: Ya veo. ¿Y que te trae por aqui a Londres?
Alfredo: Negocios
George: Bueno, lo siento que no te pueda ayudar con eso, pero tal vez ese policia te pueda ayudar
Alfredo: Le iré a preguntar. Gracias
George: No hay problema, si necesitas algunaayuda, estoy aqui todo el día.
Alfredo: Fue un gusto conocerte. Nos vemos luego
George: Nos vemos, Buena Suerte!
Ejemplo de Conversación en inglés de invitación aceptada
(en este ejemplo, el amigo que es invitado acepta la propuesta)

Matthew: Hey Alfredo, how are you?
Alfredo: Hey Matt, i'm fine, how about you?
Matthew: I'm fine thank you.
Matthew: So, what are you going to do tomorrownight?
Alfredo: Mmm, I don't have nothing to do. Why?
Matthew: I was wondering if you'd like to come to the Knicks game.
Alfredo: The knicks? Do you have extra ticket?
Matthew. Yes, and I was going to go with Alice, but she got sick.
Alfredo: Oh, sounds great.
Matthew: Then, let's meet in my house tomorrow at eighteen o' clock.
Alfredo: OK, see you.
Ejemplo de Conversación en inglés deinvitación rechazada
(en este ejemplo, la amiga que es invitada acepta la propuesta, y luego la amiga le hace una pequeña invitacion a un trago.)

Alice: Hey Barb, how's your day?
Barbie: Everything great. you?
Alice: Same here. I was wondering if you have plans for this weekend.
Barbie: Let me think about it. Why are you asking?
Alice: I wanted to invite you to go to the Ashley Simpson concert.Barbie: Oh, I'd really like to go. I really like Ashley. But I'm afraid I'm going to Aruba with my parents.
Alice: That's too bad. Who should I invite?
Barbie: Ask Elena, I think she'd like to go. She's a huge fan of Ashley, and she'll change her plans for that concert, for sure.
Alice: Yeah, you're right. I'll invite her. Well, thank you anyways.
Barbie: I'm sorry I can't go. But, shall wego out for a drink right now?
Alice: Sure
Conversación 1
Frank: Hi, I’m Frank, from the Biggs ltd.
Joe. I’m Joe, managing director of Suttons ltd.
Frank: Nice to meet you.
Joe. and you.
Frank: Have you arrived today?
Joe. Well, actually, I arrived last night.
Frank:Where are you staying?
Joe. I’m staying in the Hilton Hotel. And you?
Frank: I’m staying at the Hotel Arts.
Joe. Really? How is the hotel?
Frank: It’s very nice. Very modern.
Joe. And what do you think of the conference?
Frank: I’m a bit disappointed really.
Joe. me too!
Ejemplos conversaciones en inglés:
Ms. Lock: Hello
Mr. Burr: Hello, Ms. Lock. This is Jack Burr
Ms. Lock: Uh, Mr.Burr...
Mr. Burr: In Apartment 305
Ms. Lock: Oh, yes. What can i do for you? Does your refrigerator need fixing again?
Mr. Burr: No, its the oven this time
Ms. Lock: Oh, so what´s wrong with it?
Mr. Burr: Well, I think the temperature control needs to be adjusted. The oven keeps burning everything I try to cook.
Ms. Lock: Really? OK, I´ll have someone look at it right away.
Mr. Burr: Thanks a...
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