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Write passive sentences in Simple Past.
1. the test / write
2. the table / set
3. the cat / feed
4. the lights / switch on
5. the house / build
6. dinner / serve
7.this computer / sell / not
8. the car / stop / not
9. the tables / clean / not
10. the children / pick up / not

Rewrite the sentences in passive voice.
1. John collects money. -2. Anna opened the window. -
3. We have done our homework. -
4. I will ask a question. -
5. He can cut out the picture. -
6. The sheep ate a lot. -
7. We do not cleanour rooms. -
8. William will not repair the car. -
9. Did Sue draw this circle? -
10. Could you feed the dog? -

Elija la opción que corresponde a la voz activa de la oración dada envoz pasiva.
Principio del formulario
He was dismissed last month.
They were dismissed last month.
They dismissed him last month.
The car wasinvented in the twentieth century.
Someone invented the car in the twentieth century.
Someone invents the car in the twentieth century.
The cake was made by the children.
The children have made thecake.
The children made the cake.
The book was written in two months.
I wrote the book in two months.
I will write the book in two months.
We were saved by the police.
The police have saved us.The police saved us.
The car has been taken to the garage.
I took the car to the garage.
I have taken the car to the garage.
The computer has been broken.
Someone has broken the computer.
Someonebroke the computer.
The clothes have just been washed.
I've just washed the clothes.
I will wash the clothes.
Final del formulario

First conditional / second conditional

1. If you (stay) ,we would play tennis.
2. If we met at three, we (have) plenty of time to play tennis the whole afternoon.
3. If you don't practice, you (fail) again.
4. If the children (come) , we will play...
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