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Use your blue book to prepare the following topics for your exam


* PRESENTPERFECT + FOR – SINCE: A: How long have you lived in this town? B: I’ve lived here since I was born.

* SIMPLE PAST OR PRESENT PERFECT: I was born in 1982 and I’ve lived in Orizaba for 20years…

* USED TO: When I was in elementary school I used to like English, but I don’t anymore.

* PASSIVE VOICE: Text-messaging was invented by the Finnish company Nokia.

* INDEFINITEPRONOUNS: Something, anything, nothing. Somebody, anybody, nobody. Somewhere, anywhere, nowhere. A: Did you go anywhere exciting last Saturday? B: No, I didn’t. I stayed at home, and you did you doanything? A: Nah, I did nothing.

* ADJECTIVES ENDING IN -ing, -ed: tired, tiring. Bored, boring. Depressed, depressing. Relaxed, relaxing. Interested, interesting, etc. I’m bored with this class. Thisteacher is really boring.

* QUANTIFIERS: much, many, a lot, a lot of, a little, a few, too, not enough. I’m very stressed. I think I work too many hours and don’t get enough exercise.

*PHRASAL VERBS: Separable and inseparable. Literal and idiomatic. Wake up, get up, turn on, turn off, put on, give up, put away, turn up, throw away, fill out, write down, look up, stay up, call back,try on, get along with, take back, go out.

* EXPRESSING SIMILARITIES: so and neither. A: I don’t like English B: Neither do I. A: I couldn’t go to the party. B: Neither could I.

* PAST VSPAST PERFECT: When he got to the party everybody had already gone.

* REPORTED SPEECH: Diana: Last night at the party a man told me (that) he loved me. He said his name was David. He told me hehad never been at a party before. He asked me if I had a boyfriend. Dave also asked me where I lived. Jane: Really? Wow, I can’t believe it!


* Phobias
* Past experiences...
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