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Takeaway English: Chatting up (Workbook, Unit 2, Page 13, Transcript 2.2, Track 8)

A. Listen and write the chat-up lines.

1. Do you come hereoften?
2. Can I get you a drink?
3. Are you on your own?
4. You face is really familiar
5. Do you fancy a dance?
6. Excuse me, have you got a light?Match the questions with possible responses.

a. __4_ Yes, I am sure we’ve met before. / I've never seen you in my life!
b. 2 I've got one, thanks. / OK. I'll have agin and tonic.
c. 5 Yes, but no with you. / Go on, then. I love this song.
d. 1 It's the first time, actually. / Yes, I do. With my boyfriend/girlfriend.e. 3 I'm here with some friends. / No, I'm not.
f. 6 No, I don't smoke. / Yeah, here you are.


A. Write a letter in each space tocomplete the words.

1. A large shop divided into sections.
d e p a r t m e n t s t o r e

2. An area with a lot of shops together.
s h o p p i n gc e n t r e

3. A large building for different types of sports.
s p o r t’ s c e n t r e

4. An area specially designed forfactories.
i n d u s t r i a l e s t a t e

5. A long line of cars, buses, etc.
t r a f f i c j a m

6. A road thatgoes around the city.
r i n g r o a d

B. Fill in the gaps with one preposition. Sometimes there is more than one correct option.

Last year I travelled toEurope, visiting ten countries in all.
While in Paris, I was just walking in a small lane near the Opera when I bumped into my next door neighbour from home. It's a small world!
On that visit...
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