Inglish particles

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Back down = echarse atrás | |
|Back up = respaldar [support] Back up your opinion. |
|Bend down= agacharse [crouch] |
|Blow out= apagar (candles)|
|Blow up = volar [explode] (with explosives) / inflar (balloon) / ampliar (photograph) |
|Break away = escapar(se)[escape] / separarse (from family, organization) / romper (from traditions)|
| |
|Beggars usually are people who have broken away from their family. |
|It hadn’t passedtwo months when the just married broke away. |
|A Latin marrying a Chinese breaks away our tradition. |
|Break down= derribar (door, etc) / averiarse o estropearse (machine) /sufrir un colapso(med.) / romper en llanto |
| |
|I am gonna break the door down. ||She broke down in tears. |
|My car broke down yesterday |
|Break into = forzar o irrumpir dentro de… The robbers brokeinto the bank and stole a million dollars. |
|Break off= romper(relationship) / interrumpirse [stop talking] |
|How is it going with your girlfriend? We’ve broken it off(rompimos) |
|Our conversation was broken off by the noise. |
|Break out = estallar o comensar (start up disease,war, fire, etc) / brotar (rash, acne)/ fugarse (of jail) |
| |
|My arm broke out in a rash.|
|The fire broke out because of a gas leak. |
|The epidemic had broken out in England in the past. |
|The inmate broke out from...
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