Inspection a minas de carbon

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  • Publicado : 15 de octubre de 2010
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There were no evidence of internal roads warnings and in the ramps of the pit either, most of these warnings were on the ground.

We could seethat the blasting process is being accomplished.
The safety berms do not have a defined standard and in some cases there are no berms.
Watering the mine is not enough; there is only one tank and onefiller working.

Although the roads are maintained we do not identify any standard.

Although the blasting area was signaled, the type if signals are not suitable because they can not be seenin the distance.

We did not find any evidence of warnings in the dumping areas and in the access ramps either. There are no safety berms; the piles during the dumping process take theirplaces instead. We did not see water in the dumping area. There is only one lights tower in the dumps.

We could find that this place is being repaired, so that it does notfulfill any standard, we could see there is no contingency plan either.

The access road to the crusher is in proper conditions, we could not see any informative signs and safetyberms either.
The cab was nearly neat and clean, the electric devices need attention though. We could not see hermetic in the cab and the air conditioning is poor.
The maintenance area is in goodconditions.

In The transporting belt we noticed high vibration which needs technical revision, however the structure is strong.
The ladder, in spite of being in good conditions was totally dirtyfull of the coal.

At the end of the fence we could notice that there is a part missing, in the corridor we realized misplaced tools causing obstructions.

There was no evidence of acousticwarnings, pull cords or guard to protect the mobile tools.
we could see disorganization of the electric power matter in a great deal, exposed wires with no warnings, unsafe counters and deficient...
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