Integration through education

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  • Publicado : 11 de junio de 2011
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I am very excited to debate topics about education. I think education as a solution to our problems is the only way to change the world for good. Not only the third world countries have problemsabout education, all the people in the world have to be educated to get a better job, feed their own families, and to understand what’s happening in the world (e.i: problems, cultural, political, wars,financial crisis, etc).
Integration through education is the key to prevent that people become interested in criminal acts, which is a big problem in many countries now, and the people educated canbe a support to develop the skills of their state. With education, the governments can make people see that being a criminal is something that goes against the rights of others, and that if one iseducated one can get a good job and in this way stealing and other criminal acts wouldn't be an option.
Also the integration through education can help the governments, instead of paying entireunemployment benefits, the governments should focus on training its people and the unemployed with new skills, like knowledge and tools to adapt to the changing economy and employment situation. Otherintegration through education could be that criminals should receive education in jail, so when they go out they can be reintegrated on the society rather than just putting them in jail and leave them thereto rot.
Making an agreement about all the migrants have to signature on it to respect their culture, traditions, languages, work actively, taxes, and the most important thing, enforce the laws ofthe country. The globalization makes one thing that happens in one country impact in the world, every single act, every single law that we take has to be accept by many states, and has to be measure forthe majority and not just for a few.
This topic in special inspire me in the way that my motivation in the life is to save the planet, to help other people, and teach people to gain their own...