Inter americas center

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1. The Inter Americas Center exists to promote educational, cultural and economic relations between the countries of the Americas putting especial interest in all of theLatin American countries including Mexico.

2. Since it inception The Inter Americas Center has endeavored to be the foremost organization, dedicated to the preservation, promotion, dissemination, andadvancement of the Hispanic/Latino culture in the Bay Area.

3. Throughout the years the Center has produced historical, artistic and educational materials ranging from instructional booklets,training manuals, and hands-on workshops for museum exhibits.

4. The present INDIGENOUS ROOTS Exhibit integrates art cultural and historical materials related to Olmecs, Mayas, Teotihuacan, Toltec,Nayarit-Jalisco-Colima and Huichol Indigenous groups.

5. From the cultural point of view the Exhibit follows the teachings of the Toltec Elders, Huehuetlatoli. “This is what belong to us, what we mustpreserve”. “The Toltec is an artist that has acquire the habit of talking to his/her own heart”

6. The Center offers a wide range of activities of cultural and educational interest to all levelsof members of the community from eminent scholars to curious on-lookers. It has developed performances and festivals ranging from Indigenous to classical Latin American music, from poetry to theaterand from folkloric to classical dance.

7. Thousands of people from elementary school, to higher education and community people have participated and benefited by the programming that has beenproduced by the Center.

8. Of particular importance in accomplishments for the Inter Americas Center is having produced a Latin American art festivals and Classical Latin American Guitar Concertfestivals.

9. The Center incorporates a large collection of printed music works ranging from Indigenous to classical music from all over the world with a strong emphasis in Latin American –Mexican-...
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