Internet mus be secure

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  • Publicado : 26 de enero de 2011
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Pedro Méndez Montejano
Seguridad Informática Avanzada
Carlos Orozco Corona

Examine the current Security Trends regarding the vulnerabilities and incidents reportedthroughout 2009 (wishfully up to 2010) and Trend in Attack Sophistication and Intruder Knowledge and discuss why Internet needs more and better security.

The objective in this work is to analyze differentpoints of view of how cyber-attacks had increase through the time, and how us can improve security over different types of environments and what we can do also to improve the security over theinternet; all of this to make a clear idea of the how important is the computer security and its improvement in our lives.
In these days, around the computer cyber attacks are always in top on the news; thetheft and sale of information of big companies and governments through cyber attack have led us to find new levels of protection methods, methods that help us to ensure a high-level constantprotection against attacks: ‘according to (Joshi, 2010), classified, restricted and secret information has been stolen from the Indian armed forces as well as the Ministry of External Affairs and the TibetanGovernment in Exile’; which lead us to think if our information is as sheltered and secure as we thought it was.
We can observe that the cyber attacks have grown considerably through time, withhigh-complex methods that have been perfected and new techniques of vulnerability analysis, which lead us the necessity to be one step beyond of the people who realized those attacks, where this game ofalways to be ahead of the other take us to the creation of a war that will take place into de cyberspace, ‘as (Timmer, 2009) says in April 2009, the US National Academies of Science suggested that itwas time for the US to get serious about cyberwarfare’. This makes us to understand which level has reached the need of protect our information and try to figure out what is waiting in the coming...
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