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E-mail (e-mail, also known as e-mail) is a network service that allows users to send and receive messages and files quickly (also called electronic emails or letters) by electronic communication systems. This name is primarily used to describe the system that provides this service on the Internet through the SMTP protocol, but by extension can also be applied to similar systems using othertechnologies. By email you can send not only text, but all kinds of digital documents. Their efficiency, convenience and low cost are making moves to e-mail address for many common uses.

An email address is a set of words that identify a person who can send and receive mail. Each address is unique and always belongs to the same person.

One example is, read arroba serviceperson dot com. The @ sign (call sign) is always in each e-mail, and divides into two parts: the user name (to the left of the @, in this case, person), and the domain is (what the right of the @, in this case, The at sign can also be read "in" as identifies the user who is on the server (indicating a relationship of belonging).

An e-mail is easilyrecognized because they always have the @, where the @ means "belongs to a. ..", whereas a web page address not. For example, while can be a website where information (such as a book), is an email address, a mailbox where you can type.

A computer or computer (computer and this English Latin computare-calculate), also called PC (Frenchcomputer, and this Latin ordinator) is an electronic machine that receives and processes data into information useful. A computer is a collection of integrated circuits and related components that can execute with accuracy, speed and as indicated by a user or automatically by another program, a variety of sequences of instructions or routines that are ordered, organized and systematized according to awide range of practical applications and precisely determined, a process which has been called by the name of programming and performing it is called a programmer. The computer, in addition to routine or software, you need specific data (these data, taken together, are known as "Input" in English or in) to be supplied, which are required at the time of execution to provide the end product of dataprocessing, which is called the "output" or exit. The information can then be used, reinterpreted, copied, transferred, or transmitted to another person (s) of person (s), computer (s) or component (s) address (s) locally or remotely using various communication systems and can be recorded , saved or stored on any type of device or storage unit.

The monitor or computer screen is an output devicethrough an interface, shows the results, or graphics processing computer.
A computer keyboard is a peripheral, physical or virtual (such as keyboard touch screen or keyboard), used for entering commands and data into a computer.
The mouse (English, pronounced [maʊs]) is a computer peripheral for manual use, used as input data or control. Used with one of the two hands of the user and detects therelative motion in two dimensions on the horizontal surface on which it rests, usually reflected through a pointer or arrow on the monitor.
A printer is a computer peripheral that allows you to produce a permanent copy of text or graphics of documents stored in electronic format, printing on gloss data on physical media, usually paper or transparencies, using ink or laser technology.
Incomputing, a scanner (English language: scanner) is a peripheral that is used to convert, through the use of light, or any other printed images to digital format. Are now unified with forming Multifunction printers.
The hard drive is a digital magnetic recording system, is where in most cases the operating system resides on the computer. On hard drives to store the user data.
The speakers are used to...
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