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NOMBRE:Alberto Garcia azpe
MATERIA: Estructura de Archivos
The iostream library is an object-oriented library that provides input and output functionality usingstreams.

A stream is an abstraction that represents a device on which input and ouput operations are performed. A stream can basically be represented as a source or destination of characters ofindefinite length.

Streams are generally associated to a physical source or destination of characters, like a disk file, the keyboard, or the console, so the characters gotten or written to/from ourabstraction called stream are physically input/output to the physical device. For example, file streams are C++ objects to manipulate and interact with files; Once a file stream is used to open afile, any input or output operation performed on that stream is physically reflected in the file.

To operate with streams, C++ provides the standard iostream library, which contains the followingelements:
Basic class templates
The library incorporates two standard sets of instantiations of the entire iostream class template hierarchy: one is narrow-oriented, to manipulate elements of typechar and another one, wide-oriented, to manipulate elements of type wchar_t.

The narrow-oriented (char type) instantiation is probably the better known part of the iostream library. Classes likeios, istream and ofstream are narrow-oriented. The diagram on top of this page shows the names and relationships of narrow-oriented classes.

The classes of the wide-oriented (wchar_t) instatiationfollow the same naming conventions as the narrow-oriented instantiation but with the name of each class and object prefixed with a w character, forming wios, wistream and wofstream, as an example.Standard objects
As part of the iostream library, the header file `` declares certain objects that are used to perform input and output operations on the standard input and output.

They are...
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