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VB - Script for Rhino V4. Thomas Anagnostou (2009/03/15)



This script helps create parallel viewports with specific vantage point characteristics.There are two uses: a) You can use this script to reverse engineer drawings printed with parallel views of unknown projection. You do this by importing a background bitmap of the drawing in question.Draw two lines tracing the X and Y axis of that drawing and then run the script with the ‘CustomPick’ option. You are basically telling Rhino: “Do you see these two lines I just drew in your Topviewport ? Well, this is how I want the make2d result to look like. I want the 2d image to have that exact same projection. Give me a viewport that will do this” b) You can use this script to createstandard Isometric, dimetric, Trimetric, or Custom angle viewports, by selecting the ‘Preset’ script option and manually entering the XY axis angles. (eg. 30, 30 for Isometric; 42, 7 for Dimetric, and 44,15 for Trimetric)

To create your own explicitly defined projection: Select the top viewport. Enter X and Y values at the prompts For example: Enter x=30, y=30 for Isometric, or Enter x=42, y=7 forDimetric Enter x=44, y=15 for Trimetric

To reverse engineer an unknown projection: 1. Place a background bitmap on the top viewport. The background image needs to have its Z-axis on the vertical(Adjusted, if necessary, in a photo program) 2. Trace a line representing the X-axis 3. Trace a line representing the Y-axis Traced lines need not touch (see input image below)

Top viewport

Boththe XY values you enter are measured from the horizontal and they are both positive

Input Result

The perspective view will be automatically oriented to match the perspective of the bitmap. If thescript is successful and a perspective view is found, the projection of the Perspective viewport will be automatically converted to parallel.

Desired Y-axis angle



Desired X-axis...
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