Issues in qualitative research proposal

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Issues that Should be Addressed in a Qualitative Research Proposal
Donald Ratcliff, Ph.D. 1. General topic, possible units/aspects (Lofland & Lofland, ch. 6), reason/s forchoosing topic, initial research questions 2. Number and characteristics of participants, sampling/how recruited and motivated to participate 3. Site, how chosen, public/closed,specific possible locations of observations and interviews 4. Time of observations: days of week, hours each day, time interviewing/observing, total time 5. Brief account (to beused for permissions) 6. Permissions: gatekeeper/s, parents or guardians, participants (if needed) 7. Role/s to be assumed, known/unknown, insider/outsider 8. Stresses, problemsanticipated, risks 9. Confidentiality/anonymity issues, degree of public identification desired 10. Methods used in attempt to "bracketing out" self/methods used to trackpossible areas of bias from past and present 11. How field notes and interview notes will be logged 12. Method/s of formal data analysis anticipated (besides coding and propositionalframing) 13. How data be presented in report (charts, appendices, embedded quotes, etc.) 14. Tentative questions to be asked during interviews 15. Media to be used, source/s ofmedia (cassettes, videotapes, computers, programs, etc.) 16. Literature review (embedded throughout or separate/plans for additional reading during and after research)

17.Resources needed, funding if any, reports required for funding sources, input from funding sources 18. Meetings scheduled with committee or subcommittee/chair during researchstudy 19. Others involved (co-researchers, assistants in field, transcribers, etc.) 20. Strategy for modifying the proposal during the data collection process, if need be

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