Jack el destripador (ingles)

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The now mentioned are the five victims found out, even though there might have been many more. The five known victims were, in order of murder, Polly Nichols, Annie Chapman, Lizzie stride, Kate Eddowes and Mary Jane Kelly.

* Mary Anne Nicholls or better known as Polly Nicholls was born on the 26th August 1845, in Whitechapel. In 1864 she married a printermachinist called William Nicholls. They lived with her father ten years and in in 1880 they set up home for themselves and had five children. They separated in 1880. After the separation she lived in the Lambeth rkhouse for about half a year. She used to receive 5 shillings from William until he found out that she was with another man. She spent the remaining years in workhouses and doss houses. Shethen lived in her father house but left after a short time because of her problems with alcohol. For the next years she kept on moving on from workhouses to doss houses and vice versa. She left workhouses and found a job as a domestic servant but she stole clothing and lost her job. As she owed money to a housekeeper she went into prostitution and a week later she was fond dead the 31st of August.* Annie Chapman was born on 1841. She used to be a heavy drinker but was not alcoholic. She married a man called John Chapman. They had 3 children and not after a long time 2 of them die and the older one leaves home with a circus. She separates from her husband due to her drunkenness and moves in with a man called John Sivvey and makes money selling flowers. In 1886 her husband dies and asshe stops receiving the allowance john also leaves her and she becomes a prostitute. She lives in a lodging house. On the 8th September she leaves the house to earn some money and is found dead later that morning.
* Elizabeth Stride was born on Sweden the year 1843. She works as a servant but is registered by the police as a prostitute. In 1869 she marries John Thomas Stride. In 1878 sheleaves her husband and moves into a workhouse. She lives with a man called Michael Kidney, who says she is often drunk. She charges Michael but fails to attend to court. In 1888 she lives in a lodging house and the 30th September she is seen leaving a pub with a customer and is found dead on later that morning.
* Catherine Eddowes was born in Wolverhampton on 1842. On 1848 her father and her leaveWolverhampton to go and live at London. In 1860 when her mother died, she went back to Wolverhampton and was educated by her aunt. In 1863 she leaves home with a Thomas Conway and has three children with him and has a small bookshop in Birmingham. By 1880 Catherine develops a drinking problem and she goes to London to live with John Kelly. The day before her death she rents a bedwith Kelly andnext day she arrested for being drunk disorderly, she is found dead 10 minutes away from the station about an our before he was released.
* Mary Jane Kelly was born in Ireland on 1863. The whole family moves to wales in 1870. In 1879 she marries Davies but 3 years later he is killed in an explosion so she moves to Cardiff and works as a prostitute. In 1884 she arrives London and works in abrothel. In 1885 she starts to have problems with alcohol and goes to work in another brothel. She moves in with Joe Barnett. In September 1888 Joe loses his jobs and she goes back to prostitution. Joe leaves her due to her bringing prostitutes to their room. The 9th November she is last seen singing in the streets and is found by Kelly`s landlord in her room.

When Jackthe ripper started to kill prostitutes, lots of people said to have seen him but nobody knows if that person really saw jack, just wanted some money or if the person they saw was really Jack the ripper. After going over what every witness said my conclusions are these.
Most of the witnesses agreed that jack was around late thirties and they also agreed that he was about 5 foot tall, he had a...
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