Jack in utuado

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I am in a dark dimension; I have much fear ... What day is today? The last date that I remember is July 26, 1888. I think it's been two days. I have to leave here and tell the truth....

This note was found in a few days ago a body was found outside a Catholic church. My name is Andy and I am a forensic pathologist. I want to tell a frightening story and despite the time that has happenedto me very concerned. The last few days the panic in the town of Utuado has increased. Apparently the streets round a murderer very cruel and very smart. Police are studying the cases, but there are no tracks. But, I started researching and I know where the murderer and who is the murderer. You may be wondering: Who is it? The murderer named Jack the Ripper. Yeah, yeah ... yeah ... I know it's avery ancient history and what happened in London, but "why rule out the possibility that he is alive and is in Utuado? No, I'm not crazy. I've seen in a dream, and not human. Jack the Ripper is a demon. Apparently fell in love with a prostitute. Lucifer, God of Hell does not believe in love and got really upset. Because of this, we made a proposal to Jack. He said if you love this woman, you haveto do is kill 5 women who are not virgins and do a ritual with them. In this way I will let you become a human and carnal love that woman. Jack blindfolded full of confusion was not sure if what I felt was love, because the demons are full of hate. Jack decided to sign the pact. I did not know was that the deal said that if not fulfilled his demonic soul would last forever in the hall 777. In thissite are the demons are punished disobedient to heaven for eternity.

  Jack had a hard time not looking for women who are not virgins, as in London most of the women were prostitutes. All deaths were very violent. The murderer was an expert in anatomy. One of his victims was raped, as the devil knife introduced through the vagina. The demon is feeding on the bodies of their victims, thatwas part of the ritual. But what happened? He murdered his girlfriend's sister without knowing it. The nightly watched his beloved and had sexual contact with her through dreams. He was suffering so much and so many times that he went and confronted him Lucifer. Angry Lucifer said that love is a feeling that makes us see things that are not. He said that to overcome the love he had to kill hisbeloved. Jack felt like every evil desire and pleasure but love for her was also very strong. He declined to continue the ritual, and was punished in the aisle 777. Lucifer killed Jack's beloved very cruelly. Then left the body with the devil madly in love. Jack tried to escape from the hallway and made it. But we must bear in mind that he went crazy and that his greatest desire is to feed on humanblood. In my dreams, Jack is seen as an intelligent man, has the ability to transform into any person. It loves to feed children, so a professor at the Escuela Luis Muñoz Rivera.

Jack decided to holiday in Utuado, because apparently it is a mountain town. In the mountains is where it meets the most satanic sects that call and because Jack feels this family. But nothing, no one believed mystory. Andy and I, as a forensic pathologist I know this five bodies of children aged 5 to 14 were killed by Jack. Last night I stole a body from the funeral home and found this note inside the stomach of one victim. What did the note?

Written in these pages is the absolute truth about me. I do not know why I decided to do this, do not know why I'm writing and may not even know who I am ...just know I'm a murderer. Looks like a normal person, intelligent and good, but my inner self there is a great passion for killing, skinning, torture, blood, etc.. It all started when I discovered I have a good ability to manipulate. Yes, I think I suffer from a serious illness, the disease most hate with my entire heart lol well, what's left of him." We all suffer from this condition is normal,...
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